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ALPEN Vacuumix Mixer

Material of Construction : Stainless Steel
Operating Temperature : Upto 150o C
Operating Pressure : Full Vacuum to Atmospheric
Capacities Offered : 50 L to 2000 L batch capacity
Delivery Period : 2 - 4 Months
Process : Emulsion/Dispersion/Mixing

About the Product :

Ideally suited for fluid, semi-fluid, viscous pasty, creamy products usually encountered in Pharmaceutical, Personal Products, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Food Paint, Chemicals (like Shoe Polishes, Car Cleaners, Silicone Rubber-based sealing Compund, Perfumery, Flavour, Textile Dyes and Pigments, Inks) etc.

This is a sophisticated mixing machine, performing multiple mixing functions simultaneously with an effectiveness unmatched by any other mixing machine, including the Contra-Rotating machine. This multi-agitator system usually comes as a 3-in-1 configuration, the range of agitators selected from Emulsifier, Homogeniser, Disperser, Toothed Colloid Mill, Sinus Mixer and Scraper Stirrer, depending on the mixing ingredients and functions to be carried out.

ALPEN Vacuumix Mixer ALPEN Vacuumix Mixer ALPEN Vacuumix Mixer

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