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ALPEN Agitated Thin Film Dryer

Material of Construction : Stainless Steel 316 / Stainless Steel 316 L for contact parts
Operating Pressure : Evaporation Chamber : 1 mBar to 1.0 bar(g)
Jacket : upto 15 bars(g)
Operating Temperature : Upto 250 degrees C
Heating Media : Steam / Thermic Fluid
Evaporation Surface Area : upto 35 sq. mtrs.

About the Product :

Thin-Film evaporation technology has come to stay. Considered the most energy-efficient of all evaporator models used across the processing industry, ALPEN Agitated Thin-Film Dryers deliver what the technology promises. Apart from meeting process parameters effectively, our ATFDs are also designed for minimum maintenance overloads. These dryers have high uptimes and deliver better throughputs than most designs in the market today. Each ATFD is custom-built, offering optimum residence-times and yield products with lesser residual moisture and better quality.

ALPEN ATFDs come in horizontal configuration, with an agitator cage fitted with wiper blades, distributed intelligently over the length of the drying zone, which uniformly spread the charge over the heated surface, moving it back and forth before reaching the dried product to the discharge port for collection. Product hold-up is minimized using appropriate technology. A spray-wash system can be provided to enable in-situ washing of the insides of the dryer periodically, to eliminate clogging or contamination of end-product due to over-heated residues of earlier batches. The wipers too are custom-designed to minimize wear-and-tear.

Typical Applications where ALPEN ATFDs would benefit the client would include the following :

  • Drug Products � like Acetaminophen etc
  • Agro-Chemicals and Herbicides - like Cyanuric Acid etc
  • Organic Pigments and Intermediates - like Acetoacetanilide etc
  • Leather Chemicals - like Sodium Formate
  • Solvent Recoveries
  • Food-grade Products
  • Several Fine Chemicals

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