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ALPEN Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier

Material of Construction : Stainless Steel & Carbon Steel
Operating Temperature : Upto 250o C
Operating Pressure : Full Vacuum to 3.00 bars(g)
Capacities Offered : 600 mm to 4000 mm diameter
Delivery Period : 3 - 6 Months
Process : Solid-Liquid Separation

About the Product :

ALPEN Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier is used for solid-liquid separation. In the manufacture of various chemicals (including Toxic), Agricultural chemicals (including Insecticides, Pesticides), Dyes and Intermediates, Pharmaceutical products, Food products, such products requiring absolute hygienic working condition etc.

The Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier is also called Filter Expression Drier, is the latest version of the Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier introduced globally and has the track record of producing very good results in all the application industries listed above. The FED - Filter Expression Drier - gives excellent separating qualities with good medium filtration products, optimum filtration times and, if used only for filtration application, gives lowest residual moisture in the cake when compared with other similar systems.

This filter-dryer is not suited for products or slurries that exhibit any of the following :

1. The solids in the slurry show stickiness or gelling behavior
2. The solids show a tendency to blind the filter medium
3. The solids are shear-sensitive and ball up when agitated
4. Colloidal slurries
5. Protein compound, and
6. Yeast compound

Agitated Nutsche Filter Drier

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