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ALPENTM RapidFD Filter Dryer

( Improvised and more efficient prototype to be introduced after filing of patent application )

About the Product :

A filter dryer in the class of agitated nutsche filter dryer. Performs almost twice as good as the agitated nutsche filter dryer. We should know, since the agitated nutsche filter dryer in hydraulic version was first introduced in the country by us way back in 1990. The two operate on different principles altogether. The technologies are therefore different.

The filtration rate is nearly constant for most of the filtration cycle in a RapidFD filter dryer. Whereas in an agitated nutsche filter dryer the filtration rate is a function of the cake build-up; and after some time, as the cake thickness increases the filtration rate begins to drop. The filtration time in a RapidFD filter dryer could be 10% to 20% less than in an agitated nutsche filter dryer.

Next in the cake washing cycle, the re-slurrying mode in an anfd is adopted in a RapidFD filter dryer. Again the cycle time is shorter, as in the filtration mode.

Operation :

In the drying mode, the RapidFD filter dryer is at its best. It dries the wet mass almost twice as fast as that achieved in an anfd. Also, the dried product is lump-free. A minor re-setting in the agitation system can deliver a granular discharge if it is so desired.

Care must be exercised while considering RapidFD-Filter-Dryer for products or slurries that exhibit any of the following ( these properties make fitering difficult ) :

1. The solids show a tendency to blind the filter medium
2. The solids are shear-sensitive and ball up when agitated, and
3. Protein compound

Capacities / Sizes and Pilot Trial Facilities :

Capacities Offered : ( All capacities are in terms of maximum charge, in Litres )

Pilot Plant Model : 15L to 20L wet charge volume, with solids content not exceeding 10L.

Plant Size Model : 100L to 10,000L

MOC : SS 316 / Hastelloy C276 / Hastelloy ( other grades ) / Inconel 600 / Inconel 625 / Inconel 800 for contact parts, depending on the chemicals involved.

Pilot Trial Facilities : At our works in Chennai, we have two Pilot Facilities where clients can take trials, establish feasibility and scale-up criteria. Each facility can accept charge of 20 litres total, with solids not exceeding 10L. One unit is in SS 316 and the other in Hastelloy C276 for contact parts. Rest in SS 304.

Hot water as well as steam ( upto 140 degrees C ) heating facility available.

Oil-Ring Vacuum Pump for full vacuum and Water-Ring Vacuum Pump for vacuum upto 700 mm Hg also available.

A Chilling Plant for condenser is installed too.

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