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Hybrid Processor or Single Pot Processor. This equipment comes closest to the functionality of continuous processing, although it is not exactly that - being a batch mode processor. This unit is multi-functional. It can perform as different unit processors sequentially. In other words, it can begin as a Reactor and undertake the reaction efficiently. Without transferring the material, it can next perform as a filter. If cake is the desired product, then, after a series of washes ( if required ), the wet cake can be dried in the same unit to give finished dried product in powder form.

If post-reaction, the filtrate is the desired product, then the filtrate can be sent either to a storage vessel ( while the wet cake is disposed off either through wet discharge or, as a dry residue, after drying the same in the same unit ) or transferred to a second unit where the subsequent unit-operations can be carried out as desired. If transferred to storage vessel, then, once the residue is discharged, the processor is cleaned thoroughly and the filtrate from the storage vessel is taken into the processor and the product taken out of the liquid either by precipitation or crystallization or by carrying out the drying operation on the liquid. This processor is an efficient distiller and a dryer.

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